The Emmy Award-winning reality show that captured the home of Augusta resident Earnie Graham being torn down and rebuilt in just one week will premiere tonight at 8 p.m. on ABC. "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" was in Augusta last month to feature the woman's home being demolished and rebuilt by Bill Beazley Homes, a company that builds homes around the Aiken/Augusta area including North Augusta, Evans and Hephzibah. The company worked extremely hard with thousands of volunteers and donations to rebuild the home, said Marketing Director John Rhodes. During the course of the week, Bill Beazley and his employees worked for a total of 106 hours to complete the home; the team also built a log cabin at a Girl Scout camp in Martinez in honor of Graham, who works for the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. "We did that simultaneously with the house, with all of the volunteer help," said Rhodes. "Without the volunteers, there was just no way." In addition to the cabin, Bill Beazley Homes also provided other houses in the neighborhood with their own type of makeover. Graham's neighbor's home needed work, and the crew provided new vinyl siding, windows, heating and air and cabinets for the house. But they didn't stop there. "We were talking to one lady (while working on Graham's home)," Rhodes said. "It was raining outside; when we looked in her house, it was raining in there, too. So we put all new decking and all new shingles on her house." All of the hard work and efforts put into building the new home meant a lot to the construction workers, especially because Beazley's wife Barbara passed away in October. Beazley and his crew dedicated the project to the late wife, mother and vice president of Bill Beazley Homes. "The fact that we did it in memory of his wife, to continue her benevolent nature, meant the world to him," said Rhodes. "I hope that the giving spirit of over 3,000 volunteers that were used in this project inspires people to get out and give back more to their community," he added. "I hope it gives the city of Augusta and the local area another tool in their arsenal that might shed a real positive light on the giving spirit of Augusta."