SRS Sign, IMCC Draft RFP

The Savannah River Site is a 310-square-mile nuclear complex south of Aiken.

The U.S. Department of Energy will forgo the draft request for proposals process for one of the newest Savannah River Site contracts, opting instead to issue just a final request further down the line.

The decision is a notable pivot: About two months ago, a notice on a government contracting and procurement website said a draft RFP for the Savannah River Site Integrated Mission Completion Contract was anticipated in 15 to 45 days.

Comments made on a cleanup contract in Idaho will inform and influence the multibillion-dollar, South Carolina-located Integrated Mission Completion Contract, the Energy Department said in an announcement Thursday afternoon.

The integrated contract encompasses the Savannah River Site liquid waste program – handling, processing and storing millions of gallons of radioactive waste currently at the site – as well as some nuclear materials management, all in an effort to expeditiously reduce environmental and financial liabilities.

The contract would require a single team do the work of what is right now delegated to two: Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, led by Fluor, and Savannah River Remediation, led by newly launched Amentum (formerly AECOM's government-contracting business, Management Services).

A draft statement of work for the Integrated Mission Completion Contract includes operations at the SRS tank farms, where radioactive waste is kept and monitored; the Defense Waste Processing Facility, where waste is encased in glass for safer long-term storage; the Salt Waste Processing Facility, a Parsons project that has not yet come online; the Saltstone Disposal Units, permanent disposal tanks for certain processed waste; and the Glass Waste Storage Buildings, among other places.

An Energy Department spokesperson last year said the Integrated Mission Completion Contract is meant to maximize cleanup at the Savannah River Site. That same sentiment is reflected in the newly released Integrated Mission Completion Contract documents.

Colin Demarest covers the Savannah River Site, the U.S. Department of Energy, the National Nuclear Security Administration and government in general. Follow him on Twitter: @demarest_colin