Current District 4 Aiken City Council member Reggie Ebner will seek re-election Nov. 5.

Ebner, a member of Council for three and a half years, said his campaign will focus on the quality and integrity of public infrastructure, economic management and an effort to continue Aiken's growth. He also said he wants to speed up the repairs of water leaks and meter replacements, which are already funded by a 6 percent increase in water and sewer rates.

Road repairs throughout the city, especially in Springstone, Woodside and Gem Lakes, need more funding, Ebner said.

Managing budget issues is also a priority of Ebner's, as the General Revenue Fund income declined 4 percent from 2009 and inflation still sits at 2.3 percent per year. Another priority is what's called the proper implementation of Capital Projects Sales Tax.

“The key thing there is that people don't realize you vote on the tax three years before you get the money,” Ebner said. “Then, you have seven years to spend it. In that decade, you begin to lose interest. This was great in 2004, but this is now nearing 2014, and how do we spend that money today?”

Ebner has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, and retired from DuPont, an American chemical company. He also did private consulting for Roger Milliken & Company, a private textile and chemical manufacturer, worked for the Savannah River Site as an engineering and construction manager and worked as an engineer in Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East.

Aside from his work history, Ebner is also involved in church, volunteering throughout the community and Habitat for Humanity, working with students from USC Aiken and Aiken Technical College.

“Volunteerism is what makes the city of Aiken run,” Ebner said. “We have a high volunteerism at all levels in this city from financing to cleaning up cemeteries and parks. I like to volunteer in my retirement and encourage and lead students to see what value it has on their community.”

Ebner said he was elected to Aiken City Council because of his desire to improve infrastructure.

“If you interview people in these areas (District 4), they pretty well know that my theme is to improve infrastructure,” Ebner said. “Citizens understand that I follow the budget very closely, and I follow the cost.”

Lessie Price of District 2, Steve Homoki and Phillip Merry are also up for reelection in November. Homoki and Merry currently represent at-large districts, but under the new 6-1 single member district plan, they will soon represent Districts 5 and 6, respectively.

The opening of filing for nomination by petitions and entry of candidates for primaries begins Monday, Aug. 5, at noon, and entry of candidates for primaries closes Monday, Aug. 12. Closing of entries for petition nominations closes at noon, Friday, Sept. 20. All candidates must file at the Aiken County Registration and Election Commission Office located at 916 Vacluse Road N.W.