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According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff's Office:

Deputies charged a man Wednesday with possession of a stolen vehicle after a car that had been reported stolen was found parked outside a Barn Owl Road home. The suspect was found inside and he claimed he was just working on the car for a friend.

A Salley man called police Wednesday claiming his brother was missing. He told deputies his brother left his wallet at a store and left to go get it. After 30 minutes, the man’s brother had not returned and was not answering his phone.

The manager of a store on Hitchcock Parkway in Aiken called police Wednesday claiming a regular customer had come into the store, went behind the counter and stole $500 from the safe. Deputies reported watching security footage that showed the suspect steal the money.

A Graniteville man reported Thursday morning a Warrenville man had assaulted him at his place of employment on Powderhouse Road in Aiken.

A Lexington woman called police Wednesday claiming someone had broken into her mother’s home on Old Tory Trail in Aiken and had taken several items. The woman’s mother recently died and she was not sure when the residence was broken into.

A North Augusta woman reported Thursday morning a man threw water in her face and pulled her hair during an argument over money at her Pine Bark Lane residence.

An Augusta man called police Wednesday claiming someone had stolen his vehicle while it was parked outside a Westminster Way apartment complex.

Deputies charged a Graniteville man Wednesday with trespassing after notice and malicious injury to personal property after he showed up to the home of his girlfriend’s father on Pendulum Ridge after being told to stay away. The victim said the suspect wanted to collect gifts he had given to the victim’s daughter, but the victim told him no and shut the door. The suspect then started kicking the front door and caused noticeable damage.

An Aiken woman called police Wednesday claiming her young child was being abused at his daycare on Richland Avenue. She said she found bruises on her son’s arms, which he claimed were from one of the employees at the daycare grabbing him.

An employee at a Hampton Avenue store called police Wednesday claiming a woman had stolen two 18-packs of beer.

Deputies charged an Aiken man Wednesday with third-degree assault and battery after his girlfriend called police claiming he had choked her during an altercation on Richland Lake Road in Warrenville. The suspect told investigators the victim was taunting him by calling him and his mother a crackheads. He said he became enraged and he put her in a chokehold.

A Clearwater woman reported Wednesday someone broke into a North Carolina man’s property on Rice Bottom Road in Beech Island. The woman said she was checking on the property and found it had been ransacked.

An Aiken man reported Wednesday someone broke into his Edgefield Highway storage unit and stole multiple items. The victim told deputies he believes his neighbor stole the items because he thinks his neighbor has a key to building.

According to reports provided by the Aiken Department of Public Safety:

An employee of an Aiken store on East Pine Log Road called police Wednesday claiming a woman left the store with nearly $5 worth of merchandise without paying.

The owner of a car wash on York Street reported Wednesday someone had stolen his shop vacuum, worth around $100, from the back of the business.

Officers issued a trespass notice to an Aiken woman Wednesday after she caused a disturbance at a Richland Avenue business.

A 33-year-old Aiken woman reported Wednesday the father of her children has been harassing her. She said he is by coming by her Wyman Street residence without her permission and knocking on the windows.

Officers charged a man Wednesday with disorderly conduct after he caused a disturbance inside a Whiskey Road retail store and refused to cooperate with police outside in the store’s parking lot. The man was reportedly grossly intoxicated.

A social worker with the Department of Social Services called officers Wednesday after an Aiken woman gave up parental rights to her 16-year-old daughter, placing her into DSS custody. The juvenile was then given a temporary placement.

An Aiken man was charged Thursday morning with malicious injury to personal property, unlawful entry into a dwelling and trespassing after it was discovered he had tried to break into an abandoned George Street home by breaking a window in the back. The suspect was bleeding from his wrist when police arrived and he claimed he had fallen on a storm drain. Officers followed a trail of blood to the abandoned home and discovered the broken window, which was also covered in blood.