Create a caption for Jan. 10

Iraqi national police demonstrate their skills. (AP photo)

We are pleased to bring you, our readers, another installment of the Aiken Standard's Create a Caption feature. But first, some of the best from Jan. 9's entry, which featured new Cleveland Browns head coach Eric Mangini with a ... well, a peculiar look on his face. From Bobby: "What canary?" From an anonymous poster: "Just paint me green and call me the Grinch." From Slick: "I wonder if anybody else can smell that?" From another anonymous poster: "Finally! A job with no pressure. These clowns are USED to losing! Woo-hoo!" Finally, the Standard's favorite comes from Jane Monkey: "Now, was that a tube of lip balm or super glue?" Today we go all the way to Iraq, where Friday was Police Day and the Iraqi national police marked the occasion by, frankly, behaving kind of weirdly. Remember, there are no prizes other than the satisfaction you may derive from being recognized over your peers. Let the caption-making begin!