Create a Caption for Jan. 23

Other than knowing that this photo was taken by Andrew Brownbill for the AP, the Aiken Standard has absolutely no idea what the heck is going on with it.

The Aiken Standard's once every weekday opportunity for our readers to demonstrate their cleverness and individual senses of humor through creative interpretations of collections of pixels representing images captured through the spectra of visible light - or, if brevity is more your thing, Create a Caption - returns. Hoo! Also, ray! Before we get to today's offering, let's take a quick look back at some of the better entries from our last photo, which featured a hapless gentleman in Lithuania taking advantage of a photo opportunity in front of a cadre of riot police. From Jeff Jr.: "See what happens when you cancel bingo!" From an anonymous poster: "Jeez! Can't they take a joke?" From Steve C.: "And that's all I said!" From zing: "This is not at all like the brochure I looked at in the travel agency!" Finally, the Aiken Standard's favorite, from an anonymous poster who has a finger on the pulse of our website's comment section: "County Council attempts to build a fence at B&W Auto Salvage." Which brings us to today's photo. Frankly, the Aiken Standard is speechless. Use the comments function to submit your captions. Keep in mind that, other than a lifetime's supply of oxygen (redeemable at any window) and a lifetime's supply of water (redeemable at any faucet), there are precisely zero prizes at stake. You get bragging rights over other posters and nothing else. Let the captioning begin!