County worker honored for service

STAFF PHOTO BY AMY BANTON Special Projects Coordinator Sandra Langley and Program Coordinator Sara Taylor congratulate Chris Caesar on her retirement Wednesday afternoon.

Chris Ceasar is known for her personable manner and her beaming personality.

That smiling face will no longer be seen in the Aiken County offices as she celebrated her retirement Wednesday afternoon.

Ceasar, originally from North Augusta and now living in Graniteville, spent 25 years working with the county, starting in the tax assessor’s office where she worked for about six months. She later moved into the County Administrator’s office as the public relations deputy and assistant clerk to Council.

“She’s been a fixture of the county for 25 years,” said County Administrator Clay Killian. “She’s worked with us for a long time. I hate to see her go, but I’m excited for her and the turning of the next page in her life.”

Caesar has experienced many memorable moments over the last two decades. One that sticks out in her mind was working on a Council agenda with former County Administrator Scott Barnes until 3 a.m. She remembered papers of agenda items and information lining the hallway. The result of the exhaustive task was a “very thick” agenda packet, she said, laughing.

Those who have known Ceasar for many years, like County Councilwoman LaWana McKenzie, said that she’s done so much for the county and has always put her best foot forward in her work.

“I think Chris has been sort of a face of Aiken County,” McKenzie said. “She’s a friend to everybody. To me, that’s what makes her special.”

Councilman Andrew Siders, who was elected in November 2012, didn’t get the chance to work with Ceasar for long before her retirement, but in that short time, he quickly learned that she was a hardworking, positive individual, he said.

“She’s just a breath of fresh air,” Siders said. “I’m going to miss her.”

Caesar has also given back to her community through extracurricular activities such as acting as the United Way Board Chair in the 1990s and served in other capacities within the nonprofit organization. She also served on the Salvation Army board and was one of the former NAACP presidents for the North Augusta chapter.

At the retirement event on Wednesday, a resolution was presented to Ceasar by County Council, thanking her for her years of service. Another resolution from the State House was written up to recognize Ceasar’s work with the county.

Caesar said that she has appreciated the opportunity to work with the county and has enjoyed her job immensely. Her advice to her co-workers is to continue doing what they’re doing.

“They need to remember why they’re here – to assist the citizens of Aiken County,” she said. “Do your job as well as you can and enjoy it.”

When asked what she’ll miss the most, Ceaser’s reply was quick and enthusiastic.

“The easy answer would be the people.”