Aiken County Council will consider a second reading of an ordinance reimposing the one-cent sales tax this week, but the public won't get its say on the tax's possible continuation until a special meeting is called at a later date. The why is clear cut: The projects Aiken County has proposed funding with its anticipated share of one-cent tax revenue is not complete. The appointed Sales Tax Commission, which is charged with hammering out the referendum ballot that will go before voters in November, is waiting to receive from County Council a breakdown of the dirt roads by district that would be paved with the tax. Council chose to allocate $16 million to new dirt road paving, and each Council member was asked to submit a list of dirt roads needing paving in their district. County Administrator Clay Killian said not every Council member has turned in that information yet. The commission has already given the OK to the lists of capital projects from the municipalities and the cities of North Augusta and Aiken. An ordinance passing before County Council gets three readings and is subject to a public hearing. Typically a public hearing is held during second reading, but, since there will be no public hearing Tuesday, Killian anticipates that a special meeting to hear third reading and for public hearing on the ordinance will be called in August. The S.C. Election Commission must have the referendum ballot information by Aug. 16. The one-cent sales tax, also known as Capital Projects Sales Tax, is a special one-cent option tax applied to the gross proceeds of sales in Aiken County. If voters approve the referendum in November, this will be the third renewal. The third renewal of the tax will not be a new penny on top of the current one being collected. If voters do not approve the referendum in November, it cannot be resurrected until the 2012 general election. In other business Tuesday, Council will consider commissioning Samuel Ford and Teresa Reames as code enforcement officers for Aiken County. Aiken County Council will meet at 7 p.m. Tuesday in chambers located at 736 Richland Ave.