Associated Press ANDERSON -- An inmate found dead in his jail cell overdosed on methamphetamine, the coroner said Thursday. Philip Lewis Richey, 27, was alone in his cell at the city jail when he was found unconscious at 12:05 a.m. Thursday, coroner Greg Shore said. Police aren't sure how he got the drug. "That's the big $64,000 question," Shore said. "We didn't see it in the vending machines there and he has no direct contact with the outside." The State Law Enforcement Division is investigating. Other inmates said they heard Richey pounding on the doors of his cell and he was probably hallucinating, Shore said. By the time jail officials checked on Richey, he was passed out on the floor, Shore said. Richey and his father, 59-year-old Louis Richey, were arrested in December and charged with murder in the deaths last year of Shandon Putnam, 25, of Belton and Carrol Vincent Martin, 36, of Ware Shoals. Police said drugs may have been a motive for the killings.