CNTA's Twitter account

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Citizens for Nuclear Technology Awareness has expanded its reach by revamping their presence on social media.

Since the debut of social media sites like MySpace, Facebook and Twitter, many organizations have taken advantage of these public platforms to communicate their information and values.

The goal of CNTA is to raise awareness of the value of nuclear technology, and an easy way to do that is by using a free site that anyone can access.

The organization aims to be a reliable source of information about nuclear technologies, and using Facebook and Twitter is beneficial in spreading that knowledge.

While CNTA has been present on Facebook for several years, it has not been consistent. After the project to put the internet to use, there are efforts to be more diligent in posts and content creation.

These are the steps that are being taken to increase CNTA’s activity on social media and their website: posting often, using hashtags, sharing value-loaded content and being responsive to those who visit the page. This can positively impact revenue, website traffic and brand awareness.

Many new posts are about new developments in nuclear technology, organizational updates and educational information about nuclear science.

The Facebook page has many uses. It is a place for educators to find quality articles and videos to share with their classes; it updates the public on changes in CNTA, SRS and Plant Vogtle; and most importantly, it is a place to show those in the nuclear community that they are not alone and that there is an organization that is supporting the nuclear industry.