By KAREN DAILY Staff writer Volunteers are gearing up for what has become an annual Thanksgiving Day event in the City of Aiken, uniting the community around One Table for the holiday. What began as an idea to bring the community together in 2005, has blossomed into an annual event that each year has drawn more than 1,000 people in the heart of downtown for the celebration. The plan unfolded in 2005, just a few weeks before the holiday, and by Thanksgiving day, more than a thousand diners had gathered. In 2006, the event grew and this year expectations are high. The One Table Thanksgiving Dinner will take place in the Alley from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. Event volunteers are still looking for help from the community. "We are in need of turkeys and volunteers" said volunteer coordinator Kathryn Wade. In previous years, the community has rallied around the idea and made the event possible. "Churches, local businesses and individuals have made this happen," she said. Volunteers have awakened early the morning of Thanksgiving and begin frying, baking and roasting dozens of birds. Bakers bring cakes, pies and pastries. "We are looking to cook 110 to 120 turkeys" said Wade. Hundreds of volunteers work together each year, set up tables and cook the meal. The tables are provided by local churches. To make a donation or volunteer, contact Cecilia Hallman at 645-8757 or Kathryn Wade at 648-3578. "This is an opportunity to come together as a community to celebrate Thanksgiving," Wade said. "For those who volunteer, it is a wonderful way to serve the people in this community." Contact Karen Daily at