UNION -- The boyfriend of a South Carolina nurse whose body was found four months after her disappearance was arrested Monday and charged with murder, authorities said. Deputies used cell phone data to place 28-year-old Jamel Good near a remote location where Maria Fernandez's remains were discovered last month, Union County Sheriff David Taylor said. He refused to further discuss the evidence leading to Good's arrest Monday. He said authorities have not yet determined how the woman was killed and urged anyone with information to come forward. Good was being held at a Union County jail, officials said, adding that a bond hearing had not been scheduled. An attorney who represented Good during earlier police questioning did not immediately return a call to The Associated Press. Authorities told The Union Daily Times that Good picked up Fernandez from work last Sept. 3, the day she disappeared, and she was also seen at Good's home that day. The pair had a 5-year-old son and had lived together until shortly before her disappearance, the newspaper said. Fernandez's remains were discovered in remote woods in Union County by a utility worker. Authorities used dental records and DNA to identify the remains, but the body was too badly decomposed to determine a cause of death, Taylor said. He said he considered the investigation thorough. "This has been a trying time. It's been a trying case for law enforcement," said Taylor, a newly elected sheriff who took office Jan. 6. The slain girl's mother, Susie Fernandez, had previously said she was frustrated by a lack of new information in her daughter's case compared with how swiftly authorities reacted to another, now infamous, missing person case in the area. Susan Smith told police in 1994 that a man stole her car with her two children inside and a large-scale manhunt ensued. Investigators later discovered Smith had killed the boys. Susie Fernandez could not be immediately reached for comment Monday on developments. Prosecutors will review the evidence and talk to family members before making a decision on whether to seek the death penalty, Solicitor Kevin Brackett told the AP.