These are the bookings recorded for the Doris C. Gravat Detention Center for Jan. 14-17. Some of the people listed may not have actually spent time in jail if they posted bond and were released. Although those listed have been arrested and charged, that does not mean they have been found guilty. All bookings may be viewed online by visiting and clicking on the "Crime" tab. Evelyn Renita Harrison, 24 -- assault and battery Mark Cunnings McCaskey, 22 -- driving under the influence first offense Bryan Lee Fontenot Sr., 42 -- disorderly conduct Robert Lee Dunbar Jr., 52 -- driving under the influence Ronnie Salley Sr., 45 -- assault and battery third degree, assault and battery Stanton Lee McCallister Sr., 22 -- criminal conspiracy Tranell Miguel Elam, 26 -- forgery no dollar amount Suzanne Marie Boozer, 44 -- fraudulent check or stop payment four counts, failure to appear and pay as ordered Isiah Pinkney Jr., 20 -- armed robbery, burglary (after 6/20/1985) first degree, possession of a weapon during a violent crime, resisting arrest Derrick Lance Bennehaley, 29 -- manufacture possession of drugs three counts, possession of other controlled substance two counts, distribute, sell or purchase drugs, drug paraphernalia, simple possession of marijuana Carrie Latasha Mealing, 29 -- fraudulent check or stop payment 13 counts, hold for Edgefield County Jonathan Samuel Tindel, 52 -- driving under the influence David Allen Jackson Jr., 17 -- shoplifting first offense, possession with intent to distribute William Robert Giffin, 36 -- shoplifting three counts, shoplifting first offense, possession with intent to distribute Kevin Lee Vanriper, 38 -- simple possession of marijuana Stanley Eugene Fulmer, 43 -- disorderly conduct Lori Marie Fowler, 43 -- driving under the influence Michael Samuel Redd, 50 -- driving under the influence Joseph Leforest Jones, 28 -- criminal domestic violence Jason Alexander Young, 30 -- harassment first degree, contraband bondsman off bond, criminal domestic violence, malicious injury to personal property Erica Denise Cuyler, 23 -- violation of beginner's permit, operating uninsured first offense John H. Green, 58 -- driving under suspension second offense, false information to police Lean Jinette Powell, 47 -- driving under suspension Nicolas Mendez-Hernandez, 27 -- no South Carolina driver's license, thoughtless operation, operating an uninsured vehicle, no registration in possession, use of a tag of another vehicle Arthur Bradley III, 62 -- open container James Edward Jones II, 50 -- shoplifting second offense bench warrant Daniel Fields, 55 -- disorderly conduct Joseph William Wright, 44 -- brown bagging, gross intoxication Phillip Brian Jones, 36 -- open container, driving under the influence Cactus Joe Brown, 21 -- driving under the influence Kieran John McMahon, 24 -- driving under the influence Melvin Ernest Turner, 57 -- simple possession of marijuana, disorderly conduct Cody Lorenz Brodie, 23 -- criminal domestic violence, malicious injury to personal property Gerald Quattlebaum Jr., 23 -- driving under the influence, open container, violation of Alcohol Beverage Control law Patrick Wedaman Bledsoe, 53 -- National Crime Information Center hold for North Charleston Hollis Denise Walker, 51 -- criminal domestic violence Sabrina Denen Davenport, 42 -- failure to maintain proof in motor vehicle, disorderly conduct, false information to police Brian Kent Matthews, 39 -- driving under the influence, Alcohol Beverage Control violation, open container, driving under suspension Travis Barrett Taylor, 19 -- simple possession of marijuana Shawn Patrick Gleaton, 18 -- disorderly conduct, thoughtless driving Miguel Angel Morales, 27 -- driving under the influence, urinating in public, hold for Immigration Customs Enforcement, no South Carolina driver's license Ethan Lasha Kellum, 34 -- criminal domestic violence Lee Jeremiah Dixon, 32 -- criminal domestic violence Romon Trevell Hill, 30 -- general sessions court bench warrant failure to appear Jeffrey Toney, 32 -- shoplifting, failure to comply Joseph Shane Mills, 17 -- disorderly conduct Timothy Dwayne Padgett, 26 -- failure to appear and pay Willis Franklin Smith Jr., 31 -- failure to appear and pay Ashley Maureen Hattaway, 25 -- North Augusta Public Safety hold for possession, simple larceny two counts David Wayne Vann Jr., 43 -- disorderly conduct Dawn DeJeune Saurage, 42 -- fraudulent check six counts James Daniel Lewis, 31 -- expired vehicle licence, thoughtless driving, operating an uninsured vehicle Nathaniel Jones, 53 -- driving under the influence