Lindsey Graham, Columbia Press Conferece

U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Republican, pictured here during a press conference in Columbia. Graham is seeking reelection.

A handful of prominent Aiken County leaders and officials have joined a coalition working to secure U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham's reelection.

Aiken Mayor Rick Osbon, Aiken County Republican Party Chairman Bob Brookshire, former county GOP chairman K.T. Ruthven, Aiken County Council member Andrew Siders and Aiken County Coroner Darryl Ables are among the more than 100 people on the recently announced Grassroots Leadership Team, which backs the senior senator from South Carolina.

The team is meant to coordinate campaign efforts across the state, according to an announcement from Graham's camp.

"The grassroots-based campaign infrastructure touches every county in the state and is growing by the day," the July 25 announcement reads.

Graham, a Republican, launched his 2020 reelection campaign earlier this year at events featuring the vice president.

Osbon on Thursday described the senator as a friend who has represented "our community" and the Savannah River Site "through a lot of changes."

"I'm happy to support him, as I always have," the mayor continued.

Brookshire, the local Republican executive, said he supports Graham because of his conservative values and his "closer and closer" relationship with President Donald Trump.

"We will support Lindsey's campaign and do what we can to get him reelected," Brookshire said.

Ruthven described Graham as a proven strong leader. He said the senator is in a "powerful position" to foster the conservative cause.

Both Osbon and Brookshire said the breadth of the leadership team – traceable to all 46 counties in the Palmetto State – is a show of force and indicative of a strong campaign.

"I think it's a very good sign for his reelection efforts," Osbon said.

"The strong support reinforces and reinvigorates our efforts to advance our shared South Carolina values, grow the economy, confirm conservative judges who uphold the rule of law, and secure our borders," Graham said in a prepared statement.

Colin Demarest is the government and Savannah River Site reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @demarest_colin