Residents have an opportunity to get a taste of Africa without having to leave the country.

The Center for African American History, Art and Culture is holding a special dinner, “Meals from the Motherland,” in early February to commemorate Black History Month. The four-course meal will include recipes from Ghana and other parts of Africa.

Joanne Saunders, the center’s executive director, said that food is one of the most enjoyable ways to learn about a culture.

Saunders said the diet in Africa is very different from that of those who live in the United States. In Africa, they eat fresh vegetables and fruits, there are no processed foods and it’s not covered in salt.

Saunders described the food as very colorful, favorable and healthy.

“I am so excited and cannot wait for the doors to open,” Saunders said. “Last week, the committee did a trial run on the menu and the food was delicious.”

Saunders said there will be plenty of food and said residents should come hungry.

The dinner will also include live African music, the sharing of that continent’s history and other traditional festivities.

The event will be held at the Lloyd Kennedy Charter School located at 3822 Vaucluse Road at Avery Lane in Aiken. It will take place on Feb. 2 from 5 .to 7 p.m.

Tickets are $25 per person or $40 per couple and $10 for children younger than 12.

Tickets can be purchased at 208A The Alley or by any Center for African American History, Art and Culture board member.

For more information, call Sanders at (706) 664-3989, email or visit