Waste oil and grease from cooking can be safely disposed of at the Green Energy Biofuel plant in Warrenville, where it will be processed for biodiesel use.

Instead of pouring waste cooking oil down drains or tossing it in the trash, a local business wants people in Aiken to drop it off for recycling – to be reused in fuel for vehicles. 

At Green Energy Biofuel's plant in Warrenville, waste cooking oil and grease from a variety of sources like restaurants and food manufacturers, is up-cycled and processed.

This purified product can be converted into biodiesel, which can efficiently run the engines such as those in vehicles as an environmentally friendly type of fuel. Green Energy Biofuel is carbon-neutral and employs its staff locally.

In a press release, Green Energy Biofuel highlighted the problems that grease and cooking oil can cause home drainage systems and septic tanks when poured down pipes. These products can cause blockages and buildups that can be expensive to fix. The oil can pollute the environment if dumped in yards or other outdoor areas and cause serious harm to wildlife. It can even be toxic. 

To prevent these problems, waste cooking oil can be collected, cooled and stored in airtight containers, such as plastic containers or jars. The grease can then be dropped off at the Green Energy Biofuel plant in Warrenville, where it will be processed and up-cycled for reuse as environmentally friendly biofuel. 

Green Energy Biofuel is located at 2110 Main St., Warrenville. If the plant is closed, containers of cooking grease and oil can still be left outside the gate to be collected later by staff.

Kristina Rackley is a general assignment reporter with the Aiken Standard.