A simple table featuring eight rods with table soccer figures attached, a goal at each end and a ball inspires friendly competition worldwide. Foosball, a tabletop sport dating back to 1923, entertains players of all ages. In recent years, players have taken the competition to the next level with the formation of teams, tournaments, associations and professionals competing for prize money. The South Carolina Foosball Players Association (SCFPA), a non-profit group, was formed in October 2007 to promote the growth and development of foosball in South Carolina and to provide a way for people to get together to play. Co-founded by Bobby Brown of Columbia, the group desires to bring together people with a common enthusiasm for the sport. "I started playing back in the '70s while at USC," said Brown. "I think the '70s was the height of foosball in South Carolina with over 500 establishments statewide. It was a popular sport that was pushed aside when video games came out." Brown began playing again a few years ago and discovered there were still others interested, but they mainly played at home. "I started trying to identify people who love the game and put together a database of places to play. We started with two and have grown to 80," said Brown. In January 2008, the association decided to host its first statewide tournament and drew more than 35 players from all over the state of South Carolina and a handful from North Carolina. Today marks the second annual tournament, and the group hopes to draw 50 to 60 players. "There has been a re-emergence of foosball. Old establishments that used to have tables are bringing them back," Brown said. The SCFPA accepts new members and is looking for places with foosball tables to feature on their networks. The site features locales and members mostly from the Columbia and Charleston areas but would love to hear from foosball enthusiasts in Aiken. There are no registration fees to join the association, and players of all skill levels are encouraged to join. Tournaments feature events for everyone from the novice level to the expert level. For more information on upcoming tournaments, to become a member of SCFPA or to list a location with a foosball table, visit www.scfoosball.com. "We are looking for enthusiast people who just like playing foosball," Brown said. Foosball in the local area The Aiken Brewing Company is home to a foosball table which is available from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m.