Local writer-director Cameron Logan is revisiting familiar characters for his next film, "Teddy's Party."

Actor Brandon Fields, of Augusta, Georgia, who plays the title character calls it a "family reunion," of sorts.

The 22-minute comedy is a sequel/spin-off to Logan's 1980s-themed short, "Bryn Gets a Job," which was released last year. 

Bryn, portrayed by Aiken native, Hannah Lori, is 27 in the film with no friends and no job and recently dumped by her boyfriend of five years, according to a previous Aiken Standard story. The movie is set in 1985.

"Bryn Gets a Job" won "Best Homegrown Film" at the Southern City Film Festival in Aiken last year.

"When we made Bryn gets a job, some of the feedback that I got from that film was everyone liked the character of Teddy, who was the store clerk," Logan said, "so the idea was doing a spinoff with his character."

Also set in the 1980s, the sequel follows Teddy (Brandon Fields) and his grandfather Theo (Patrick Steed), an old curmudgeon whose demeanor clashes with his 20-something grandson's optimistic personality.

Teddy's Party 6

Director Cameron Logan, second from left, directs actor Brandon Fields on the set of "Teddy's Party."

Teddy decides to throw a party to prove to his grandfather he has friends and a girlfriend, Logan said.

Inspired by the work of John Hughes — the iconic filmmaker behind hits such as "The Breakfast Club," "Pretty in Pink" and "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" that permeated the lifestyle of teenagers in the '80s and beyond — Logan continues to weave references of the decade in the new film.

One even includes Teddy running up a flight of stairs like Sylvester Stallone's iconic run up the steps at Philadelphia Museum of Art in "Rocky."

"I was born in the '80s, so I've always been into '80s movies and '80s music," said Logan, who added the props included in his movie are from circa 1985.

"(John Hughes), I really enjoy his work. This film still takes place in the decade, with an '80s soundtrack."

The soundtrack includes three original songs recorded by Logan as well as his sister, Angela.

Twenty-six-year-old Fields also described a family dynamic among the cast. 

"It's a very easy, relaxed sort of chemistry we've got," he said. "We can throw jokes one moment, and when he (Logan) calls 'action,' we're all business. When he yells, 'cut' it's back to fun."

Teddy's Party 4

Brandon Fields portrays Teddy in the film "Teddy's Party," a local comedy that is slated to be released this spring.

"It seemed like everyone kine of just gelled, and I don't know if it's standard on a lot of others films, but for us, it just kind of happened," Fields later added.

Coming back not the second film, the camaraderie continued. He believes this made filming easy for not only returning cast members, but new ones as well.

For Fields, portraying Teddy became natural. He describes him as a happy, friendly character, who likes to spread positivity and cheer — qualities that he sees in himself.

"It's almost like Cam was writing me into the script, I think," he said. "… It just felt like a natural fit. It’s almost like being a heightened version to yourself."

Logan called the actors in the film, including Fields, "extremely talented."

"I really think he's going to carry this film," Logan said. "I think people are going to be entertained by it."

Other actors in the film that portray main characters in the movie include Lori (Bryn), Shere Ladd (Sandra Waters) and Susan Willis (Ellie).

Director of photography is Jeremy Garcia, also a film director of other movies, including an award-winning Star Wars fan film ("Star Wars: Trials").

Teresa Larsen is behind wardrobe, who was "instrumental in helping everyone stay true to the decade," Logan said.

Logan wrote the film around last August, and has worked with a local cast and crew. "Teddy's Party" was filmed over four weekends mostly in Aiken County, including parts of Jackson and Aiken. Teddy's store is filmed in Augusta, Georgia.

Crews wrapped up in late February. Logan has already started editing the film and was close to having a rough cut around the first wee of March. Still left was color correction, and grading in post production along with recording the soundtrack.

Fields hopes audiences enjoy watching the film as much as they enjoyed creating it. And he hopes it shows how the independent movie scene in the CSRA is "blooming."

"Hopefully, this will allow them (viewers) to see exciting things, fun things, happy things are happening in town locally, and you don't have to be from California to take a part of it," he said, adding everyone in the film is from the Aiken/Augusta area. "... and if you want to do this kind of do this kind of thing that they can come along and join the fun."

Logan anticipates "Teddy's Party" will be completed in May.

"We're trying to up the game with each film," he said. "We actually have plans for a couple of more films to take place in this universe. It's becoming a series. We want a continued storyline, but focus on a different character each film."

For more information on the film, visit its Facebook page.

Christina Cleveland is a former reporter and features writer for the Aiken Standard.

Christina Cleveland is a reporter with the Aiken Standard and has been with the newspaper since October 2015. A native of Seneca, South Carolina, she holds a B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.