CLEARWATER — Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, say hello to grandma and grandpa.

To celebrate the 100th day of school – and that there are only 80 days until summer vacation – students, teachers and staff at Clearwater Elementary dressed either as centenarian senior citizens or in gnarly styles from the '80s that the Material Girl herself might have worn in an MTV video.

Both old and young came dressed in inspired – even phat – fashion choices, proving girls – and boys – just want to have fun sometimes.

The seniors rolled curlers in their hair, wrapped themselves in shawls and wore bedroom slippers on their feet. Some walked with canes, others with walkers, and one staff member rolled into the cafeteria in a wheelchair.

The kids and teachers who dressed for the '80s took their righteous looks, like, to the max with tutus over spandex bicycle shorts, Chuck Taylor high-top sneakers with mismatched laces, leg warmers, candy bracelets and ripped T-shirts in neon pink and green.

And there was hair – lots and lots of big hair, teased, hair-sprayed, crimped, colored and tied up with bows and lace ribbons.

But the students marked not only the midpoint of the school year with a little fun, they also celebrated their hard-earned scholarly achievements.

“This year we really wanted to celebrate every single occasion with the kids, and we want them to know that every moment matters,” said Nikiki Mock, the school's media specialist, looking like a Valley Girl on her way to the mall – move over, Moon Unit Zappa, fer sure.

“Today is the 100th day of school, and we want them to know that they've put in 100 days of really hard work," Mock said. "So we're celebrating by having our ribbon ceremony where all the kids get awarded for attendance, their being named to the honor roll and also mastery in their subjects. We want them to own that.

“But we also want to celebrate the fact that it's only 80 days until summer, so we're going to have fun with that,” she continued. “We have 80 more days to have fun but also learn some wonderful things. We're so excited by what every day may bring.”


Larry Wood covers education for the Aiken Standard.

A native of Aiken, Larry Wood covers education for the Aiken Standard.