Aiken Goes Back To School: Middle School (copy)

McCampbell Middle School students pile out of a school bus during arrival Monday.

Drivers on the road this school year should be aware and observe traffic safety rules regarding school buses and school zone speed limits. 

According to the ADPS website, motorists should always stop for when traveling behind a school bus. 

When on a two-lane roads, motorists traveling in both directions must stop for a school bus with flashing amber/red lights. On a road  with four or more lanes, drivers approaching a school bus from the opposite direction do not have to stop, however, drivers should slow down and proceed with caution. 

Motorists should also be aware of the different colored flashing lights of a school bus and their meaning. 

Yellow flashing light indicate the bus is slowing down in preparation to stop and unload children. Red lights and an extended stop sign indicates a the bus as reach a complete stop.

The minimum fine for passing a stopped school bus is as follows: 

  • First offense: $500 fine and six points off your license 

  • Second offense: $2,000 fine and six points off your license

Motorists should also be aware that speed limits drop to 25 mph in school zones when warning lights are flashing. 

Matthew Enfinger is a general assignment reporter with the Aiken Standard. Follow him on Twitter: @matt_enfinger