Alford Award

Aiken County Superintendent Dr. Sean Alford has been named the 2019 S.C. Athletic Administrators Association’s 5A/4A Superintendent of the Year. He is pictured at the 2019 SCAAA awards ceremony with Aiken High School Athletic Director J.W. Montgomery, Midland Valley High School Athletic Director Michelle Yeater and South Aiken High School Athletic Director Robert Polewski.

When Dr. Sean Alford was named Aiken County superintendent in 2015 he took a comprehensive look at growth opportunities and came away excited about the district’s potential in athletics.

He had stated there would be no have and have not schools in Aiken County, and that same mindset and vision would also extend to school athletics. Alford was honored Wednesday by the South Carolina Athletic Administrators Association as the organization’s 2019 5A/4A Superintendent of the Year for his dedicated support of district athletic programs.

Alford said the award highlights the outstanding talents and commitment to excellence of all those who lead the district’s athletic programs.

“We are truly blessed to have such outstanding athletic leaders in Aiken County at each of our schools, and I am proud to support student participation in our programs,” Alford said.

Michelle Yeater, the award-winning school athletic director and softball coach at Midland Valley High School who was named in 2017 as the S.C. Athletic Administrators Association 4A Athletic Director of the Year, nominated Alford for the award.

“Dr. Alford understands the importance of athletics in developing well-rounded student-athletes,” Yeater said. “He has revitalized athletics in Aiken County’s schools. There are no more bandages on our facilities. With the upgrades and new facilities everybody is getting, I believe with this support we are attracting teachers and coaches who want to move into Aiken County.”

Under Alford’s leadership, the district has added new wrestling programs at seven high schools, and completed athletic renovation projects at most schools fielding athletic programs.

“He was able to help all the high schools to establish wrestling programs with mats and uniforms, and he is working to give athletic directors and coaches in Aiken County the tools and equipment to become the premier school district in our state in athletics as well,” Yeater said.