"They meet at the end of the season, just to get out with the others," said Gina Breazeale, who teaches physical education at Mossy Creek. "They look forward to it every year, and they still talk about it when they get back to school."The team relay, meant to include all members of each school’s squad, had Merriwether as the champs, followed by North Augusta and Belvedere, in that order. The meet included 309 runners and hundreds of parents and other boosters in the stadium stands.Individual winners among first-graders were Mason Miller and Dylan Evans, in the 50-yard dash. Also in the 50, Will Stallings and Saniya Foreman were tops among second-graders.The fastest third-graders were Janae Elliott and Robby Knox, both competing in the 100. Fourth-graders also competed in the 100, and the champs were Veronica Hendon and Trey Stallings. Completing the roster of first-place finishers were fifth-graders JaNaiyah Moore and Devario Hankins, both doing the 100.The roster of schools, along with Merriwether, North Augusta and Belvedere, also included Chukker Creek (from Aiken), Mossy Creek and Hammond Hill. Each has a club, with students encouraged to make running a part of their routine a few times each week.Trey Stallings, 10, said his routine includes running nine miles weekly three miles and three days per week, on the Greeneway. "It builds up my endurance ... It’s fun, and it helps me stay in shape, and it’s one of the things I like to do," he said.