Prepare for prom this season

  • Saturday, April 20, 2013

Prom season is just around the corner, and nowhere is that more apparent than Edge Salon & Spa in Hammond’s Ferry.
Owner David Towles also knows a number of the current trends that girls are looking for when they are trying to find that perfect dress.
"High-lows are very popular, which are dresses that are short either in the front and long in the back or short on one side and long in the back," he said. "We still continue to do real well with cocktail dresses, feathers and lace are real popular, and then long, flowing gowns.
"There are so many styles this year, there’s not really one defining style. We’ve had a great time fitting girls in the style that fits their body best."
As far as hair is concerned, Towles recommends that girls who plan to dance put up at least half of their hair.
"We’re just starting into the season, but based on what I’ve heard from people, a lot of girls like loose, soft-looking updos, buns, sideswept pony tails, and so I anticipate that’s going to be a permanent trend," he said. "Last year, braids were very busy, but I haven’t had a lot of people asking yet. Basically, whatever is on Pinterest is what we’re doing. Last year, I couldn’t tell you how many girls came in with Pinterest photos asking Can you do this,’ and I just say, We’ll figure it out.’"
At other salons, it seems that making things more natural looking is the trend that is preferred.
"Basically girls just want their hair to be real natural looking no crispy curls, no hard-formed curls," Jason Lacy of Jason Lacy Salon said. "They just want more natural hair that flows and looks like they pinned it up and went, but is also still nice and elegant looking. My personal style is just that little piece of hair does not have to be set perfectly. ... To me, crisp hair is not what people want, they want it to be kind of tousled looking."
The biggest piece of advice Lacy gives girls who plan to dance is very simple. "Criss-cross your bobby pins, and don’t use cheap bobby pins,"
Towles said they are almost completely booked for prom season. "We’ll have about 50 girls a day coming in for hair and makeup. We’ve got a team of five makeup artists and seven hair stylists that are going to be doing it."
Where color is concerned, it seems to be a rainbow of sorts, with no single color dominating as the de-facto choice among prom-goers.
"The prom pastel colors are lavender, coral and turquoise," Towles said. "You’re also still seeing jewel tones bright reds and greens black is real popular this year, as well as champagne. The difficulty, and also the great thing, is that there’s not really a predominant style or predominant color. You can find the color that matches your skin tone or your hair color and accentuates them. Dresses are just about anything goes, and the quality of the stoning on the dresses is better than ever. Manufacturers have gotten more competitive than ever.
"There are a lot of new makers on the market; we have picked up several brands. Angela and Alison and Sparkle make great-looking dresses for moderate prices. The price range for dresses run anywhere from $150 on up."
Of course, the perfect dress wouldn’t be complete without the right shoes and accessories.
"A lot of girls are matching the shoes. We also have cowboy boots and blinged-out cowboy boots in all different colors, and they wear them with little cocktail dresses," Towles said. "Silver and gold is always popular, along with rhinestones. ... We haven’t done as much with necklaces, but we have had a few bracelets. We’ve been matching everyone with earrings because when they buy a dress, they get a free pair of earrings here. Aurora Borealis earrings are the most popular because they go with anything."

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