Aiken Department of Public Safety officers rescued three dog on Wednesday following an anonymous tip about cruel living conditions at a Fairfield Street residence.

Officers responded to the Fairfield Street area after a call from an unknown woman saying she had captured a dog that had been running around the neighborhood for several days, according to an incident report provided by Public Safety.

Officers reported finding the dog to be in bad condition and emaciated to the point that most of the animal’s bone structure was visible.

The woman who captured the dog told officers she believed the animal had come from a specific residence on Fairfield Street, which she believed held more dogs in poor condition, according to the report.

Officers checked the residence and found two more dogs in the backyard, also in poor condition, the report stated.

One of the dogs was chained up under the stairs and the other was secured to a post by a 4-foot leash, which had been wrapped around the pole so many times that the dog was immobilized, according to the report.

Officers reported both animals were also surrounded by their own bodily waste.

Police were unable to make contact with the homeowners, and the dogs were later transported to the SPCA Albrecht Center for Animal Welfare. .