I agree with the Hitchcock Parkway widening.

Dollars and cents

Thereís only 100 cents in a dollar, and the government is already getting most of it. If the 1 percent sales tax passes, I will start shopping in Georgia. Enough is enough.


If you canít talk on your cellphone and drive safely without slowing down traffic, either get off the phone or get off the road.

Open minds

Yes, we do need open minds in Aiken. If we wish to get off the state lists of unhealthy, dirtiest and badly educated, we need to vote for new leaders and not accept the status quo.


Why doesnít USC Aiken consider a tunnel instead of a bridge? It would be a safe way to cross traffic and a shelter for tornado inclement weather.


What in the world is a 9-year-old doing firing an uzi? No doubt her parents like guns. They should be held responsible for the death of that instructor. That is irresponsible behavior, and I hope they are charged, if not at least sued in civil court.


Maybe the bypass needs to be expanded to bring growth to Aiken.


Pharmacies should get rid of all the candy bars and alcohol. Children are more prone to die from eating too many candy bars than they are from smoking. Obesity is the greatest health crisis facing our children.


Too bad for this country that the Republicans ignore facts and have made Obama-bashing their favorite past time. Bush took more vacations, but they fault Obama for playing golf and wearing a tan suit. If it wasnít so sad, it might be funny; but creating the division in this country with fabrications is nothing to laugh at.

Phone rescue

Thanks so much to the person who turned in my phone to the service desk. Unbeknownst to me, the phone had fallen out of the truck and was left on the ground. A very nice individual took the time to pick it up, take it to the service desk, and leave a note on the windshield as to its whereabouts. It is so nice to know there are folks willing to take time out of their day to help out another. Your efforts are much appreciated.