Two young girls were detained for disorderly conduct after officers found them fighting on the ground while their foster mother reportedly watched, according to the Aiken Department of Public Safety.

An officer on patrol on Charleston Street near Colleton Avenue on Saturday saw two female juveniles rolling on the ground, punching each other, according to an incident report. The girls continued to strike each other until the officer yelled for them to stop.

The officer saw two adults standing nearby “watching the fight,” the report stated. He learned that one of them was the girls’ foster mother.

“The foster mother advised she did not know why they were fighting and that she was not physically able to separate the two,” police said. “The two suspects advised they had been calling each other names upon arriving at the church. One became angry with the other and the fight (ensued).”

The girls were taken to the Aiken Department of Public Safety for booking and released to their foster mother. A case worker with the Department of Social Services told the officer she would follow up on the matter.