A 9-year-old girl in White Hills, Arizona lost control of her Uzi – yes, her Uzi – and accidentally killed her instructor.

Some gun owners took to twitter to defend the practice of letting children use firearms and pointed out that it is both legal and commonplace in the Las Vegas area and elsewhere.

It seems beyond pathetic to describe how this horrific unforeseen accident could happen, leaving unasked the obvious question. “How in the world did a lethal battlefield weapon wind up in the hands of an innocent 9-year-old old youngster?”

What encourages a shooting range’s proprietor to welcome children as young as nine onto his firing range is selfish greed, and what were her parents thinking?

What has become of common sense? I realize there is a boom in gun-promoting and drummed beating by the NRA, and a smattering of right-wing politicians for their own political gain. Recall if you will S.C. Governor Nikki Haley’s picture in the Aiken Standard some month back holding a hand gun, a gift from her husband. Shameless.

Another tragedy happened five years ago. A young boy lost control of an Uzi when he aimed it toward pumpkins, but instead killed himself at a Massachusetts target range.

Connecticut – the boy’s home state – reacted and enacted a state ban that no one less than 16 years of age can have access to machine guns.

An Arizona gun club invites families to pose with Santa Claus while brandishing their firearms.

Folks, don’t hang by your thumbs waiting for Arizona to enact sensible gun laws.

Liam McGinley