The bypass

The people who live on the bypass and say we donít need four-lanes need to know that the traffic is essentially parked right now.


The boo-birds are in flight. They boo when USCA wants a pedestrian walkway and are the first to criticize the college when a student is injured in a traffic accident. They boo the widening of Hitchcock Parkway and lambast council for anticipating traffic needs. They boo the school board for wanting to replace schools that are too old. Stop your squawking and sing a new tune. Itís called progress.


Forty FBI agents and the attorney general all pounding the pavement in and around Ferguson, Missouri. Where were all these resources following the attack on Benghazi where four Americans fought to the death to protect our mission there?


If you want to stop the telemarketers from calling, go buy a small air horn. When they answer, give them a blast right into the phone. Thatíll teach them.

Ice bucket challenge

This ice bucket challenge has to be the dumbest thing. There are so many countries on this earth that donít have clean drinking water, let alone ice. There are droughts and water shortages all over the world. They are wasting water and wasting electricity.

Aiken County

Aiken County will soon be known as the gun toting, nuclear waste site. Letís see how many people want to move here then.

Serious problems

There are more serious problems facing the world than whether or not spaghetti is broken in half. Like people who wear white after Labor Day. Thatís just wrong.