The for-sale sign posted in front of Riley’s Whitby Bull need not cause concern for fans of their shrimp and rice and Reuben sandwiches because, while the sign does indicate a change of location, the restaurant will reopen in Aiken.

Cooks and owners of Whitby Bull, Lorraine and Will Riley have planned to relocate their restaurant for years. As the couple has gotten older, maintenance of the property has become more difficult and they are hoping to find an easier to maintain home, Lorraine Riley said.

“We’re getting on in age where repairs and taking five hours to mow the lawn is a little tiring, so we’re going to get smaller and we do want to stay in town,” Riley said.

For the Rileys, the relocation of Whitby Bull will mean more than just a change in the place they work because, for more than a decade, it has also been the place where they have lived. Their hope is to find a location which will allow them to continue to work and live on the same property.

“We’d love to find a place we can, again, live where we work because it seems to work for us,” Riley said.

This is not the first time Whitby Bull has relocated. When the restaurant first opened in 1994, it was located in what is now Hotel Aiken. In 1996, it moved to York Street in the building which now houses Aiken’s Artist Nest. Then, it moved to its current location, 801 E. Pine Log Road, in 1999.

The Rileys plan to choose a new location after they sell their current property.

“Until someone seriously says, ‘I want the property,’ we’re not going to even go into that headset yet,” Riley said.

Whitby Bull is currently open Wednesday through Sunday with lunch served Wednesday through Friday, dinner served Wednesday through Saturday and brunch served on Sundays.

For more information about this property, call Tad Barber with RE/MAX Tattersall Group at 803-439-6559. The asking price is $790,000.