According to reports provided by the Aiken County Sheriff’s Office:

A Warrenville woman reported on Friday that someone who had entered her home on Tirasco Court through a front window took her wallet, a library book, several tote bags and other items. She also said her 2014 Nissan Sentra Sedan and a Razor scooter that was on the house’s front porch were missing. The responding officer found some of the smaller items in a wooded area nearby.

An Aiken man reported on Friday that several units at his business had been broken into.

A Graniteville man reported on Saturday that his 1987 blue and white F-150 Ford pickup was missing from outside of his house on Rennie Street. He said he had left the keys inside of the vehicle.

A Graniteville woman reported on Saturday that someone had taken tools and her purse from her vehicle that was parked outside of her home on Marshall Street. She said the vehicle’s doors don’t lock.

A Warrenville man reported on Saturday that someone had entered his vehicle through an unlocked door and taken his wallet from the glove compartment. The vehicle was parked outside of the victim’s home on Madawa Drive.

A Clearwater man reported on Saturday that his wallet, which contained $3, was missing from his vehicle that was parked outside of his home on Chickasaw Drive. He said he didn’t lock the vehicle.

A Graniteville man reported Saturday that there was a silver Toyota Tacoma in the roadway on Olive Heights Road. According to the responding officer, the truck had been “stripped clean” and its tires and wheels had been removed. The officer reported that the vehicle had been stolen from a North Augusta jurisdiction and belonged to a Beech Island woman.

A Graniteville woman reported on Saturday that someone had taken jewelry from her home on Crystal Peak Road.

Tools and a television were reported missing from a home on Kyle Road in Graniteville on Saturday.

A North Augusta woman reported on Saturday that a burglary had taken place at a home on Anthony Drive in Warrenville that belongs to a man who is incarcerated in the Aiken County Detention Center. She said that someone had entered the house through a window and also had forced entry into a building on the property. A yellow Harley Davidson motorcycle was missing from the building.

An Aiken man reported on Saturday that surveying stakes were missing from his property on Bramble Ridge Road.

A Windsor woman reported on Saturday that another woman who lives at the same address on Colbert Ridge Road had not returned a 1998 gold Ford Contour that she had borrowed to pick up children from school.

Several witnesses reported on Friday that two white males entered an abandoned house on Charleston Highway and removed miscellaneous metals, a radio, a television and a videocassette recorder. The witnesses said the subjects put the items in a trailer that was attached to blue Ford Explorer.

A 41-year-old Windsor woman was arrested for assault and battery in the third degree on Saturday following an incident at a home on Treasure Place. The victim was a 20-year-old woman. The victim and the complainant, another 20-year-old female, said the subject hit and kicked the victim during an altercation. The subject said she was actually the victim.

A woman who lives in apartment on Poplar Street in Aiken reported finding a firearm outside of another apartment at the same address on Saturday. According to the responding officer, the firearm didn’t have a magazine, but there was one round in the chamber.

A burglary was reported at a home on Melody Lane in North Augusta on Friday.

A 22-year-old North Augusta man was transported to a hospital with what the responding officer said appeared to be stab wounds in his upper chest and lower rib cage on Friday. The victim, who was lying on a front porch of a house on Samuels Street in North Augusta when the officer arrived, said an unknown number of people had jumped on him while he was walking down the road. A woman said she called 911 when she saw the victim fall.

A North Augusta woman, who lives on Twisted Needle Court, reported on Saturday that she had lent her vehicle to a man, who had not returned it.