The Middle East

The Middle East is a perfect example of religion going wild killing other sects of the same religion and infidels of other religions.

Garbage containers

Why is the City of Aiken now requiring us to have two large containers for garage pick-up Ė one for regular garbage, one for recyclables. A large majority of people do not need a 90-gallon container for their recyclables. Many donít need it for regular garbage. Two large 90-gallon containers are hard to store and are eyesores on the streets. Who decided to stop offering the 32-gallon containers and why?


Tens of thousands of illegal children have been sent around the country, including South Carolina. Now, in addition to everything else, we have to pay for their education. Many of these kids are not from Mexico, and do not speak Spanish or English. Do we have to pay for translators and interpreters, too? Personally, I think these illegal children should have been sent straight to the White House, and not to unsuspecting communities around the country.

I heard on the local news that South Carolina has 450 some odd illegal children and nobody but federal officials know where they are housed. The thing that sent me over the edge was that they are in public schools. How can an illegal citizen be allowed to partake in taxpayer-funded anything without that being just plain wrong on more than one level? No wonder our schools are broke, going backward in performance and taxes are going up to pay for this give away.


Iím just driving down Highway 19 and looking for the sidewalk but canít see it because the grass grows so high. Taxpayer money put to good use.

Car break-ins

I was reading in the Aiken Standard about car break-ins. And again at the end of the post, the police had a paragraph stating, ďLock your cars.Ē This is not a good idea. If these are truly break-ins by breaking a lock or breaking a window, it will cause you and your insurance company a lot of aggravation. What is wrong with the idea of leaving your car unlocked, taking all valuables out and leaving your glove compartment open? You wonít have broken windows and broken locks.

An inspiration

What a wonderful story about the gentlemen who turned 100. Always worked, earned a paycheck, fed and cared for 11 children and they said they lacked for nothing. What an inspiration this man is. People who just hang around waiting for the government to feed them and care for them should be ashamed. Consider doing something for your community instead of taking.