Im writing this in response to the article that appeared in the August 12 edition of the Aiken Standard about the rescued cat named Pixie, who is looking for a home.

First, Id like to thank reporter Dede Biles and the Aiken Standard for being willing to help Happy Tales Rescue find Pixie a home by taking the time to come meet her and feature her in an article.

I want to clarify some things and elaborate a bit, based on some questions Ive been receiving.

Happy Tales has had Pixie for two years, and she has spent most of that time in a cage at the PetSmart on Whiskey Road, hoping for a forever family. Because she has special needs, she has not been chosen, and she is now too stressed and depressed to be in a cage any longer. She is currently in foster care, but is desperate to find a family she can love full time.

Pixies allergies are very manageable. She simply requires a particular food that is reasonably priced and found online. She needs a moderately clean home so she cannot eat food debris or leftovers that could make her sick. Accommodating a pet with allergies is just a change in the way you think rather like baby-proofing a home for the first time. At first it is different, but it is soon second nature. Pixie would do best as an only pet.

To anyone thinking of adopting who only wants one cat, please consider choosing a cat that actually requires being an only cat. They need you.

If you would like to meet Pixie or have questions about her or any of the other Happy Tales cats, please call Marnie Ricker at 215-971-6683 or send an email to Pictures of the cats available for adoption can be seen at

If youd like to help make it possible to save cats like Pixie, tax-deductible donations can be sent to P.O. Box 7154, Aiken, S.C. 29804.

Marnie Ricker