Feral Cats

There is a group called the Cat Alliance that can help you fix feral cats. You could even call the SPCA or the Aiken County Animal Shelter.

Free car

I don’t think it’s right to give the Teacher of the Year a car to drive for two years. There are others there who have a hard time even getting there. If they’re going to do it for one, they should do it for all the teachers. They shouldn’t do it for just one. Aiken people have gone crazy.

Italian bakery

We need a good Italian bakery with spinach pie and cold pizza and cannoli. There are enough Italians here that it would be fantastic.


Who are these people who think Aiken is so bad? I am not sure why they live here. I am not local and still have many Aiken friends and many others who have moved down to join us. I so wish we could have more good remarks about everything. Life is good and Aiken is good.

Raising taxes

Some think that raising taxes to support schools is the answer. They are wrong. I grew up in a blue collar city with very old school buildings. What made a difference was qualified/dedicated teachers and our two-parent families that wanted us to study hard, learn and get good jobs.

Working at SRS

Watch the film “Maidentrip (2014)” in its entirety, currently available via Netflix. Especially, if you have worked, or are thinking of working at SRS for multiple years and have some strength of soul. I pray all gain from the experience. May God bless our posterity and guide them.