Feral cats

My wooded county neighborhood was overrun with feral cats; all types continue to appear and multiply. I purchased humane traps, which has been a wise choice. Per the Aiken County Animal Shelter, not one captured has had a microchip, or been spayed or neutered. I am not a wealthy person, but I personally spend the time and expense to stop the heartbreaking existence of feral cats. Now, my cared for cats can go outside with less worry of attack or disease.


Please invent something so I can send 120 volts back down the phone line to the scam callers.

Gas prices

Every time the gas prices go up, they say itís Obamaís fault because he doesnít want to do Keystone. Now that the prices are down, is it Obamaís fault again?


There are businesses operating openly in residential areas in Aiken County. They lack permits to do so and should be moved.

Handicapped placards

The City of Aiken needs to crack down on people using expired handicapped placards. I am disheartened to see people parking in handicapped spaces that I need with expired handicapped tags. They need to be fined. It doesnít take much to get a new one.

Stay out

Having read the story of the boy getting bitten by the shark at Folly Beach, I thought of a way to avoid that happening. Stay out of the dang water. Seriously, how many of you who go swimming in the ocean, where sharks live, would walk into a lionís cage knowing there were lions in there? Think about it.

Sales tax option

If approved by voters, the construction and renovation projects for the one-cent sales tax are specified as Aiken High School, North Augusta High School, Ridge-Spring Monetta High School and Elementary School, the Aiken County Career and Technology Center, and a new Leavelle McCampbell Middle School. These schools will be listed on the ballot. In addition, there will be property tax relief.

ó David Caver, Aiken County Public School District deputy superintendent

Paving praise

Thank you for paving Pine Log Road.

Thank you to whoever is responsible for getting Pine Log Road paved.