Animal shelter

Iím happy to see that the Aiken County Animal Shelter is getting some relief. That department can really use the help.

School Board

The Aiken County Board of Education is asking for carte blanche with the referendum in November. It wants the authority for the one-cent sales tax and to sell bonds. There is nothing that guarantees its performance. The Boardís past performance isnít good, due to the current condition of the schools. I donít trust the School Board.

It appears that the people arenít as smart as a fifth-grader. Everybody knows the difference between one cent and 1 percent. Who does the School Board think itís kidding?

Fix the roads

There wouldnít need to be meetings on economic growth if they would simply fix the roads. People wonít come to Aiken with bad intersections, roads that havenít been widened. Many people say they wonít come to Aiken and fight the potholes.

Vietnam vets

I just left a wonderful celebration for the Vietnam vets. Long overdue, but certainly a wonderful, emotional morning. Sen. Tim Scott did a wonderful thing by ďfinallyĒ honoring hundreds of South Carolina veterans. I just wanted you to know how proud we should all be of a generation that was overlooked for too long.

I would like to thank Sen. Tim Scott for the fine ceremony he put on for the Vietnam veterans and for Gen. Livingston for the fine speech. This is one man who speaks his mind and speaks the truth. Thank you, and thanks to all my Vietnam friends and veterans. God bless them all.