Gas prices

The story on gas prices stated that Aiken drivers are paying well below the state average for a gallon of gas. But, it based that on of comparison of last week’s statewide prices from AAA and this weeks local prices. I checked the website, and it showed that while prices in Aiken were as low as $3.09, they were $3.03 in Columbia, $3.04 in Anderson and $3.02 in Spartanburg. Comparing prices for the same time period gives a different picture.


Gov. Haley should have been notified for the illegals. I respect her for looking out for the taxpayers. The illegals shouldn’t have privacy because they don’t belong here. They should all be sent back.

Warms my heart

When I read the story about the 88-year-old woman who was sewing clothes for the little girls in Africa, it brought tears to my eyes. Seeing people who can do things like that warms my heart.

Sales tax

It was interesting to learn that the School Board won’t be using all the money from the 1-cent sales tax to fund building. It will go toward other things. The people are being told it’s for new buildings.

Seeing pastries

Instead of asking somebody to invest $100,000 in a bakery so you can “see” the pastries in Aiken, why don’t you go to a bakery where you can sit down and “eat” them in peace?

Tennis Center

Can someone tell me why the City is messing around with a successful program at the H. Odell Weeks Tennis Center?