A new film focusing on the story of a young girl, a cowboy and a mustang is opening up nationally with individual screenings benefitting local organizations.

“American Mustang 3D” will be coming to Augusta for a one-night-only screening on Aug. 27 at the GTC Masters Cinemas 7 at 6:30 p.m. This screening is being hosted by Equestrian Calendar of Aiken and will benefit Aiken Equine Rescue; it is brought to Augusta by Tugg.com.

Because of the nature of the screening, organizers need to have a certain number of tickets sold by Wednesday in order for the screening to take place. If the minimum number of tickets is met, tickets to the screening may be available after Wednesday leading up to the event.

“American Mustang” is narrated by Daryl Hannah and produced by Just Media, a nonprofit, specializing in “issues” or “cause” filmmaking.

GTC Masters Cinemas 7 is located at 2824 Washington Road in Augusta. Tickets are $12.

To purchase tickets, visit www.tugg.com/events/10378.