Nuclear waste

As the world learns Aiken might be the premiere severely hazardous nuclear waste dump in the USA, our best multimillion dollar stable corporations are reconsidering their presence in the community.


When someone comes in and kicks your door down, your guns should be safe in your house. Why donít they ever complain about the drug dealers and the criminals that have the guns?

Wants and needs

We do not need Hitchcock Parkway to expand. You people need to define whether or not we need something or if we want something. This is nothing but a way to feed the egos of the local authorities. We donít have the money.

Election board

How is the new commission going to improve our election board by removing seven members and replacing them with three members? I donít see this as an improvement.

Meat prices

Some of these supermarkets have outrageous prices on their meats.

City events

I went to purchase tickets for a City-sponsored event. The person at the desk had no idea what I was talking about. Yet another example of Aikenís right hand not knowing what its left hand is doing.

Elected officials

The elected officials in Aiken need to be reminded that the taxpayers are the ones who put them into office. Itís their duty to deal with the needs of the people, and not the wants of themselves.

Road paving

When are we going to pave Giles Road and others in Aiken Estates that have been approved for paving years ago? When are we going to do that? Instead of widening a bypass that doesnít need widening.

Tree problems

Itís not the crape myrtles on Richland Avenue that are causing the problem, itís the round cone shaped trees that look like holly. The crape myrtles have some open space at the bottom. Those other trees need to be removed completely.

Hitchcock Parkway

I would like to know why the $36 to $50 million to repair Hitchcock Parkway canít go to the school board.