Yoga studio

There is a yoga studio in downtown Aiken. Itís on Pendleton Street.

No trust

Itís true that the employees of AGY and the union agreed to a contract after a threat of losing their job. The trust the company had in its employees is no longer there. The only way to get that trust back is for the new owners to come in and put in new management. The punishment theyíre going to put on the employees is going to last for the next three years until the contract comes up again.

Occupy your mind

The ones talking about the salvage yard need something else to do to occupy your minds. You need to start sweeping around your own doorstep.

Out of rain, sun

Aikenís Makiní needs to be at H. Odell Weeks Activities Center. Then theyíre out of the rain and the sun. There will be enough parking and if people want to be outside, they can. People can even park at Millbrook Baptist Church.

Full-time nurse

I have a child in middle school and there is no full-time nurse. My child is very ill and needs a full-time nurse. What is wrong with the school board who will support a defunct baseball team over nurses in the school?

Horse meat

There are unscrupulous meat dealers selling horse meat as beef in South Carolina. Buyer beware.

Unwise spending

The Aiken County school system needs an overhaul. It is top heavy and now is hiring reading coaches? The money should be spent on more teachers for reduced class sizes. I say no additional tax for schools if they are just going to spend it so unwisely.

Rarely compliant

Does the City of Aiken think they overrule the governor? Iíve noticed that when the Governor requests a ďflags at half-staff,Ē the City rarely complies. They pick and choose who to lower the flag for, instead of following the orders of the governor or president. What makes them think they have the right to ignore these requests?

Road rage

I just moved to a subdivision off Hitchcock Parkway. Itís only been a few weeks but I already know why many residents want it increased to four lanes. I remember in the late 1970s, when newly constructed, we thought it strange that it was not four lanes from the start. Also, no matter my speed on this stretch of highway (and Iím not a slowpoke) someone is always tailgating. This two-lane highway can bring out road rage in many of us.