The column by Catherine Rampell in the Aiken Standard on Aug. 11 is a classic example of how to distort and misinform.

Only a true progressive could read this and think ``how true.Ē The commentary was mostly about a play she attended about welfare and her general disdain for the audience, which she later referred to as ultraliberal (previous meaning was tolerant, advocate for personal economic freedom). Below are the first four of Rampellís nine myths she thinks we have.

No. 1 Ė An elderly person receives about how much in federal spending for every $1 received by a child? Rampellís answer is $7. Rampell uses spending therefore she includes social security and Medicare monies paid out, but not insurance premiums paid in for her calculations.

No. 2 Ė As of July, unemployed workers had been looking for a job for 32 weeks on average. What is the maximum length of time a U.S. worker can receive unemployment benefits? Rampellís answer is 30. The federal government no longer pays for the extended weeks above each stateís period, extended the period to 99 weeks, started back in 2009 and ended Dec. 28, 2013. Rampell used July without stating that unemployment is a state program and there are 50 different ones.

No. 3 Ė Which income group receives more than half of federal housing subsidies? Rampellís answer is households with incomes above $100,000. Rampell counts home interest deductions on your income tax return as a subsidence. Most progressives think any money you make and donít give to the government is a net loss.

No. 4 Ė What percentage of U.S. households pays nothing in federal taxes? Rampellís answer is 14 percent. Rampell calls Social Security and Medicare insurance premiums taxes for those working. Rampell could have gotten her answer down to two or three percent if she included fuel taxes. The 14 percent would fit retired households on SS with a total income of $30,000 to $35,000. The 47 percent you have heard are paying no income taxes. I have only retorted the first four, restricted by the word maximum for letters.

The current progressives wore out the word liberal, which they distorted from its old meaning. I suggest intolerant socialists for them.

Gil Mullins