Cut salaries

Here’s an idea: In place of increasing taxes, cut the salaries and members of the highest-paid public school administrators and hire the appropriate personnel. Problem solved.

SRS interns

If only the AGY workers knew how much those SRS interns make an hour. Never anything in all those articles about that aspect.

Like a jungle

Where are the lawn mowers at? Highway 78 looks like a jungle. They need to come and cut the grass.

Not a dog

I thought the SPCA had retired the term “house blend” for mixed breed dogs. Apparently, they’re bringing it back. This is a disservice for those looking to adopt. House blend is coffee, not a dog.

Women’s basketball

Why isn’t there ever anything about the WNBA in the sports section? I love to read about women’s basketball.

Not responsible

If you have a weapon stolen from your vehicle and your vehicle wasn’t secured, you should be placed on some kind of list where you shouldn’t be allowed to own a firearm. You’re obviously not responsible.

Other way around

Why don’t people find jobs, get married and then start a family? This might work better than doing it the other way around.

Common areas

Each store in the mall is responsible for the cleaning and pest control in their own stores. The mall is only responsible for the common areas.

Hang it up

If you are unable to pump gas into your own car, you shouldn’t be driving. If someone is pumping gas and bringing your car back, they should have the courage to tell you it’s time to hang it up.

Sad state

It’s a sad state that in parts of this world people are fighting to stay Christian instead of turning to another religion. We’re not supporting our churches in this country. When he comes, they will be the first ones running to him asking for help.

Drug dealers

If the police wanted to catch drug dealers they would just sit at the Whiskey Road McDonalds drive-thru any time past midnight. There are obvious drug deals every night.

Appliance purchase

People need to be careful about purchasing appliances. I’ve had two sets of products and they’ve both proved to not be of a high quality.