I visited Aiken this weekend, and I was excited to see the beautiful town Iíve long heard about. Coming into town on Highway 1, with one eyesore after another, was disheartening. The worst was the salvage yard on both sides of the highway. Perhaps the founder was a nice man, but his legacy of junked vehicles, many parked dangerously close to the highway, made me think that town management is asleep at the wheel. Truly shameful.

MOX project

Letís say I am your contractor building your new home. We sit down together, make our selections and sign a contract for an agreed upon sum of money. Now, every few weeks, I keep coming back to you saying, ďIím sorry, it seems like it is going to cost more than I thought.Ē Please give me another $50,000 and that should take care of things. A few weeks pass, and I am on your doorsteps again needing more money. I now tell you to just keep giving me money because I have no idea how much the total cost is going to be. Just how long would you put up with this? Itís real life Ė The MOX project. Despise Barack Obama, but the smartest thing to ever come out of his mouth is wanting to put the MOX Project in cold stand-by. It is nothing but a money pit with no bottom.

Not so bad

People need to stop whining about the roads and taxes here. I am from New England, moved here and settled here for my retirement. I came from one of the highest-taxed per capita states in this country. You will never hear me complain about taxes here. Due to the winters there, the roads are terrible. You swerve to miss one pothole, and you will hit 10 others. One just has to drive over roads loaded with potholes and frost heaves, year round, to appreciate the great roadways you have here.

Real impact

It appears that the Aiken real estate market is being impacted by the fact that Aiken and the Savannah River Site are in the national news as the worldís nuclear dumping ground.

Just ask me

Three things you can count on if the new one-cent sales tax is approved: One, it will become permanent; two, the greedy politicians will use it for purposes other than schools; three, the tax will go up from one cent to two, to three, etc. Just ask a taxed-enough Northerner like me, who has had a great amount of experience with high taxes and greedy politicians.

Liberal logic

If a proposed one-cent sales tax is good, then a two-cent increase would be even better. Thatís the logic usually coming from liberals.