Aiken loves retirees if they have money, and “senior housing” can be had for big bucks; but how about more options for those retirees who don’t have big bucks and can no longer manage a house and yard? The old county building was said to be too far gone to revamp, but is that true? I doubt it. If Aiken truly had character and cared, you’d think someone would be working on a way to get federal funds like they did to build new homes in Toole Hill and make a varied income senior living facility out of the wonderful old brick building.

Belief in God

Someone keeps submitting TalkBacks that mention a God as if a deity or the belief in one can be responsible for how humans relate to each other. That’s like being good for Santa to get your reward of gifts until you find out that Santa isn’t real. Given the chaos driven by the belief in deities, one would think that the pre-Christian “do unto others” would be the standard by which civilized humans lived. The Code of Hammurabi, circa 1772 BC, that consisted of 282 laws, is another example of where laws with a sense of moral values really came from. If you need to believe in the invisible, then the belief that all living things are connected and should be respected is there for you to contemplate.


If our government would lower the tax rate or place high tariffs on the Chinese imports, we could eventually have more manufacturing jobs than workers to fill them. This could also eliminate unemployment and welfare. It’s an absolute disgrace when almost everything is imported from China. If everybody has an income, there will be less crime everywhere. Unfortunately, for the investors and the wealthy (which include most of our politicians), the middle and lower classes are essentially out-of-sight and out-of-mind. Everybody should know that.

Be accountable

Parents need to be more accountable for their children, rather than failing them by eliminating the no-fault divorce law and have all couples attend premarital counseling. If a divorce occurs, make it illegal for either parent to remarry until all children are 18. If you are a mother who can’t support your children, you should be prevented from having another baby (courtesy of the state) before receiving your state benefits. If you are a father who falls behind on child support, you should be vasectomized (courtesy of the state) or sit in jail until you agree to do so. If you are a proven adulterer, you should be fined up to $500 and/or imprisoned up to a year as defined in the S.C. Code of Law 16-15-60.