You don’t have to be a well-paid or well-educated lawyer to present a case against the Republican Party and their actions (such as trickle-down economics that helped the rich get richer at the expense of the common man) since 1981. Let’s take a look back. From 1933 to 1981, there were many “socialistic” programs such as Social Security, the Tennessee Valley Authority, the Work Projects Administration – that put people to work, the Civilian Conservation Corps – that built the national parks and, of course, the GI Bill, Medicare and Medicaid.

The country fought World War II, the Korean conflict and the Vietnam War, and helped in the recovery of Europe and Japan after the war. In 1980, after all of this, we were economically strong and our national debt was one trillion dollars. During the 48 years, the Republicans were in the White House 16 of those years.

The right wing constantly talks about all the Democrats do is spend, spend, spend. Doesn’t look that way in those tumultuous years. In the next 28 years (1981-2009), the Republicans were in the White House 20 years.

In only one term was the budget balanced and that was when a liberal Democrat held the presidency. When former President George W. Bush left office in 2009, we owed over $10 trillion and left a budget with a trillion dollar deficit. Looking at this, I think the Tea Party people are in the wrong party if they want to cut spending.

Yes, President Barack Obama has added significantly to the debt, but look at the mess he inherited. A great recession, two wars and deficit spending was on his plate. Maybe we ought to cut him a little slack. Not much in the CSRA, of course.

Jim McGaughy