Government programs

One of your headlines reads ďChild poverty worsened in S.C.Ē yet welfare is up, food stamps are up, and every other government giveaway program is up. Guess what? It isnít working. Until we force people to be responsible for themselves, it will not work.

Kosher deli

I would like to see a kosher deli in Aiken instead of shrimp and grits.

Tiny print

When the new phone book was delivered, they should have left a magnifying glass. The print is so tiny you canít read it.


There was another break-in in New Ellenton. These young boys need to be off the street and the police chief isnít doing anything. Itís not right that theyíre breaking into peopleís houses.

Traffic hazard

The crape myrtles on Richland Avenue need to be cut back. You cannot see. They are beautiful, but a traffic hazard.

Road projects

City Council, County Council and the SCDOT need to get together and figure out an immediate fix to repave Pine Log Road. We need this before we need any of these other road projects.

Feral cats

Anyone know of an inexpensive service that will fix feral cats? There is an old woman on Old Friar that feeds dozens; they have babies, get sick and die. She claims itís too expensive to have them fixed. I think itís irresponsible not to.

Climate change

The people who are worried about global warming obviously donít believe in evolution. If they did, they would believe that life would adapt to the climate change.