Cloudy is a 104-pound Dorset sheep that thinks he is a dog. He comes when he's called, and enjoys hanging around with a trio of canine companions named Woody, Brumby and Ladybug at Paradise Farm on Wagener Road.

“Cloudy has brought so much joy to this farm and my life,” said Paradise Farm owner Lellie Ward. “He just makes me smile every single time that I see him.”

Ward met Cloudy in Camden in February when he was only three weeks old. He was a twin whose brother had died and whose mother wasn't producing any milk. The woman who owned Cloudy was feeding him with a bottle.

“He was the cutest thing that I had ever seen,” Ward said. “I asked, 'Can I hold him?'” Then I didn't want to give him back.

“I bought him for $100 with a credit card, and I would have paid $500 for him,” she added.

That night, Cloudy slept in Ward's bed with Ward's arms wrapped around him, and he still spends a lot of time in her house.

“He's extremely affectionate,” Ward said. “He'll come sit down in my lap and stay there for hours. He rides in my golf cart, and he likes to go swimming. He also loves to be bathed, and he loves to be brushed.”