Dougherty progress

Hooray for progress on Dougherty Road. There will be no public opposition to this project. It is a project the public has wanted to help with the problems on Whiskey Road. It will not be like Hitchcock Parkway.


The Midlands Fatherhood Coalition organization featured in the Aiken Standard last week is exceptional in that its mission is teaching and assisting fathers to become responsible and involved parents. Not only does this benefit the current fatherís family, but it will inspire his children to become responsible parents in the future.

Service station

It would be wonderful to have a little service station in Aiken for the people who are elderly or unable to pump their own gas. I know I usually get someone to get gas for me and bring the car back.

Iíll move

If the Savannah River Site becomes a storage site for nuclear waste, I will be moving out of the state. I donít want to live next to something like that. Itís dangerous for everyone.

Litter control

I would like to thank litter control for picking up the trash on DeLoache and Charleston streets. If you see a lot of litter or see people litter, call the litter control office, and it will take care of it.

Editorís note: To report litter in the City of Aiken, call 803-642-7613 or visit To report litter in Aiken County, call Litter Busters toll-free at 877-754-8837.

Christian soldiers

I thought it was wonderful when I heard some good news, especially about our young people. My grandson told me he had to be at church because they were leaving to go to all the schools and pray. How much better can it get? All the parents and grandparents should be so proud. It is such a gruesome world now, and we have these young people out witnessing in what they believe. Thanks to Millbrook Baptist Church for promoting such an environment for youths to have freedom to believe in our Lord. Onward, Christian soldiers.

Aiken attitude

Here is what I have learned about the people of Aiken in the two years I have been reading TalkBack. You love God and guns, yet you truly hate people who you perceive as having more than you (Woodside), people who you perceive as having less than you (anyone on public assistance), change of any kind, and the president of the United States. You feel free to offer Godís judgment on anyone with whom you do not agree. And, finally, the only happiness you have in life is when a stranger picks up your restaurant tab. Perhaps an attitude adjustment is in order.