The SRS retirees keep complaining. Do they deserve better than what the AGY employees got? They need to take a look around and quit complaining.


In spending taxpayer-approved funds, the City of Aiken shouldn’t be spending it on the Railroad Depot unless the deck is being used to bring tourists. There must be a correlation. This could be done if the Aiken railroad starts bringing passengers from Charleston.

Rearview mirror

The amount of time, effort and conversation wasted on the salvage yard is ridiculous. Growing up in the 1960s I spent many Saturdays there, just hanging out with a wonderful Aiken family. No matter how you enter into Aiken, there is some site that can be considered junky. More worry needs to be spent on looking at the things that are going on inside our city, such as drugs, increased shootings and crimes. No matter how beautiful an entryway is into a city, if it is a dangerous place to be, the junky spots will only be seen in the rearview mirrors as people are leaving town.

Speak up

Why is Aiken fighting against receiving severely hazardous nuclear foreign waste shipments at SRS? Aiken Technical College is expanding its radiological training facilities for prospective workers. This lifelong Aiken resident is not a converted-from-elsewhere retiree. Unless you want reduced property values and realize you might have Alzheimer’s, speak up.

James Garner

I loved “The Rockford Files.” The way Jim, Dennis and Angel got along on the show was a highlight of my childhood and again recently on Me TV reruns. Of all the actors out there, I always wanted to meet Jim and shake his hand. I wonder if he really loved tacos for breakfast and fishing from the pier? Rest well, James Garner. I miss you already.