Just the facts

I have never understood why an endorsement of a newspaper is that significant. It is only one person’s opinion, the same as anyone else writing an editorial. Newspapers would serve the public better if they published the candidates’ voting records, interviewed them and published their answers. Just the facts, nothing but the facts. Newspapers are reporters of the news and not supposed to be or make the news.

Print agreement

It would serve all citizens of Aiken County to see in print the legal agreement allowing the late salvage yard owner to store vehicles on state highway right of way in perpetuity. Other salvage businesses do not do it. Stop hiding behind an agreement that may or may not exist. Perhaps the county attorney will file a lawsuit to have this mess pushed back behind the fence. This entry into Aiken can be made into a showplace that welcomes all, instead of an eyesore with the potential to cause injury or death to motorists or pedestrians.


I have watched Aiken Country go down over the last 70 years of my life. The last three presidents that worked for the people were: Truman; Eisenhower, who warned us of a greedy and dangerous military industrial complex; and Kennedy, who was killed because he didn’t want to go into Vietnam. Ross Perot was our last chance at having a leader who clearly knew how to run a business and told it as it really was. We have had presidents and congresses from both sides with various mixes over the years. No matter the mix, we always spend more than we have. Clinton’s “surplus” was a bogus batch of smoke and mirrors, and he blew our moral compass. Reagan blew out our budgets. Then came George Bush and Obama, and the lunacy really began. These two will go down as the worst two presidents in our history.

Generous folks

There is so much bad news today that I’d like to contribute some good news. My husband and I were out to dinner at a local chain restaurant on Sunday, and the waitress told us that someone had paid for our dinner. We were very pleased that someone had “paid it forward” and we were included. We’d like to thank them for their generosity. We are Northern transplants and always impressed with the kind and generous folks in Aiken.

Great employee

Kudos to the technician who performed a service far beyond his normal job description for an elderly couple. This action reflects very highly on the outstanding character of this young man and on his employer for its ability to attract this kind of employee.