I accept their right to be published, but I get so tired of President Barack Obama haters’ letters.

All the time they are finding something new as an excuse to spew their hatred. The latest being the immigration problem at the border.

I quote a recent letter, “Obama’s dictatorship is becoming ever more secure as we become more overrun with the illegal immigrants he is counting on to vote for the far left Democrats, which they are now doing fraudulently.

His intent is to cause the collapse of our constitutional republic so he can install a liberal/fascist regime.” Almost as good as the “birther” nonsense.

The law that admits (not permanently but only until they get a hearing) these “illegals” is not Obama’s law, rather a prior president’s – one of your conservative heroes (George W. Bush).

Secondly, another law (again, not Obama’s) prohibits the National Guard from doing anything other than guiding the immigrants to the Border Patrol agents.

I suppose Obama could give an executive order overriding those laws, but somehow I believe that would be the basis for another rant.

Don’t get me wrong – the border issue is a big problem. But you’re not helping.

I’m sure you will continue to rail on, but what you don’t seem to realize is that you and your party’s ranting – while never offering any real solutions – does more harm to your election chances.

Until you offer real problem-solving alternatives, it won’t be the illegal immigrant’s votes (How many do you really believe vote?) but rather mainstream Americans (including naturalized citizens) that will keep your party out of national office.

Stephen R. Pearcy